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Augr is a Trademark of UPMC Enterprises

Do you know where your patients are?

Become Aware

Augr lets you know when your patients show up to the ED, as well as when they are discharged.


Coordinate with patients, providers, or hospitals right from the app and improve patient care coordination.

Change Outcomes

Lower Costs

Increase Efficiency

Improve Patient Care

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You can start a pilot in under 14 minutes. Seriously.

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Augr helps providers keep vigil of their patients.

Get Alerts

Receive admission, discharge, and ED visit alerts for your EpicCare Patient list and for other patients you need to track.

View Important Information

Dive into the most relevant information to review a patients file before determining if intervention is necessary.

Take Action

Call patients, hospitals, and providers directly from Augr to save time and change the course or patient care.

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